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Supporting Local Artists

Once upon a time, a local merchant began selling pillows to small local stores in his neighborhood. With his creative mind, he was able to design an item that was important to everyone. With his courage he invested everything in his idea. With the support from his local community, he was able to make his […]

LC Sport

Inspired by performance wear, LC Sport acknowledges 8 hours of sleep is most essential for peak performance. Whether rock climbing in the Andes Mountains, swimming of the coast of Costa Rica, or just hitting the gym – the best workouts start with 8 hours of sleep. Make every workout your best with LC Sport!   […]


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Fibers and Fills

DACRON® Memorelle™ fiberfill features SMART Fill™ technology which gives pillows a memory foam-like feel but withimproved flexibility and comfort. Consumers like the support of memory foam, but some have issues with its stiffness. DACRON® Memorelle™ fiberfill provides virtually equivalent head and neck support of a memory foam pillow but the precision cut length, microdenier fibers […]