Fibers and Fills

DACRON® Memorelle™ fiberfill features SMART Fill™ technology which gives pillows a memory foam-like feel but withimproved flexibility and comfort. Consumers like the support of memory foam, but some have issues with its stiffness. DACRON® Memorelle™ fiberfill provides virtually equivalent head and neck support of a memory foam pillow but the precision cut length, microdenier fibers continually adjust to the movement of the head and neck.

DACRON® Memorelle™ fiber is also more gentle on pressure points than memory foam. The SMART Fill™ technology gives the pillow a fluid movement so pressure is more evenly distributed and the head and neck rest comfortably.


Experience a true down alternative. A hypoallergenic 100% virgin fiber, The DreamEssence provides optimum comfort.

The DreamEssence™ pillow perfectly mimics the superior lofting qualities of a true down pillow without the allergen irritants that down can cause.

The DreamEssence™ comforter captures all the softness and insulating warmth you would expect from down without any of the allergens that affect sensitive sleepers.


Arctic Fresh™ feather and down is sourced globally, including Europe which has a long history of raising geese and ducks in the colder climates. Arctic Fresh™ selects the finest feather and down which produce larger down clusters and a higher grade of down creating natures best insulator.
Most of the Arctic Fresh™ feather and down products are made with European duck or geese feathers and down creating the finest product and a comfort without weight.

Arctic Feather and Down® comes with the Arctic Fresh™ guarantee. Washed several times using a specially designed process with cleaning agents. This process eliminates odors and ensures optimum lofting properties.

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